How to use Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom

It’s 2020, we are stuck in the middle of a Pandemic and social distancing rules are being followed for safety. Due to so many restrictions and countrywide lockdowns, no one can travel, and hence a lot of people are taking the support of video calls to attend online classes, organize meetings and do much more. There are a lot of apps and services that allow you to make video calls however the Zoom app is being used by a lot of people as they love the features it comes with.


When there are online meetings going on it becomes important to look professional and In addition to this, the place you are sitting should also look good. However, not everyone who attends an online meeting has a professional workspace at home and some of them are just too lazy to clean the messy rooms they are sitting in. Hence to solve this problem, the Zoom app offers virtual backgrounds that allow you to easily hide what’s behind you. These virtual backgrounds will help you to replace the background with something that looks good and distraction-free while being there in the video.

You can also use Virtual backgrounds to add something funny as your background when you are just hanging out with your friends on a video call. In this guide, we are going to show you how you can use Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom. Without waiting further, let’s get started.

How To Use Virtual Backgrounds In Zoom Desktop [For Mac & Windows]

Step 1: Launch the Zoom App on your Windows or Mac PC and log into your Zoom account.

Step 2: Click on the gear icon from the top right corner to bring up the Zoom App settings.


Step 3: Click on “Background and Filters” from the left tab and select the background which you want to apply. You can also click on the “+” button to add a custom image that you want to use as your background.


That’s all, you’ve set a background for your Zoom meetings. You can keep changing these backgrounds with time and you need a green screen if you want them to work perfectly. Moving on, let’s see how you can apply these Virtual Backgrounds while you are in a Zoom meeting.

How To Apply Virtual Background In Zoom

When you are in a Zoom meeting simply press the (^) arrow next to Stop Video and click Choose Virtual Background… to replace your Zoom background. From there you can also turn off your Zoom background and do much more. 

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