How to send messages without notification sound in Telegram

Telegram recently crossed 500 million-plus active users and it’s been growing ever since WhatsApp made changes to the privacy policy. People who were concerned about their data started moving to apps like Signal and Telegram which resulted in major growth for both companies.

If you are someone who recently shifted to Telegram, I am sure you might have noticed that the app is quite similar to WhatsApp, and using it doesn’t feel any different. However, Telegram comes with some additional features that aren’t present in WhatsApp and the Silent Message feature is one of them.

This feature allows users to get rid of the notification sound even when their device isn’t on silent mode. Silent Message appears as a notification but there won’t be any sound, regardless of the Do Not Disturb feature’s status on the recipient’s phone. While using this is easy, the people who are new to Telegram might not know how it’s done. Hence in this guide, we are going to show you How to send messages without notification sound in Telegram.

How to send messages without notification sound in Telegram

Step 1: Bring up Telegram on your Smartphone or PC.

Step 2:  Search for the person to whom you are interested to send a silent message. Open his chat window and continue with the process.

Step 3: Once the chat window is on your screen, start typing the message which you want to send.


Step 4: After you’ve written the message, press and hold the send button for about three seconds.

Step 5: From the options that pop up on your screen, tap on Send without sound.

That’s all, folks! Once you’ve done this the user will receive a notification without sound. This feature comes in handy when you know the person on the other end is in a meeting or he/she is doing something important. Were we helpful? Let us know in the comments below and if you liked this guide, then make sure you share it using the social media buttons.