How to measure Blood Oxygen levels using Apple Watch

Apple Watch is one of the most popular wearable devices available out there and people who are a part of the Apple Ecosystem love it because of the features it offers. A few months back, Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 6 in the global market and it comes with a new S6 processor, which is claimed to offer a 20 percent faster performance and is based on the powerful A13 chipset. It also has new sensors that allow blood oxygen monitoring as well as better sleep tracking.

If you are someone who bought a new or upgraded to a new Apple Watch Series 6 then you can monitor your Blood Oxygen levels. However, it is to be noted that you don’t get 100% accurate results when you are checking your blood oxygen level using the Series 6 Apple Watch and hence the company doesn’t recommend it for medical use.

Tracking your Blood Oxygen levels on Apple Watch Series 6 is easy but still, a lot of people don’t know how it’s done. Hence in this guide, we are going to show you How to measure Blood Oxygen levels using Apple Watch. Without waiting further, let’s get started.

How to measure Blood Oxygen levels using Apple Watch

Step 1: Open the Watch app on your iPhone. You can either open it from your Home Screen or you can make a search for it in your App Drawer if you are using iOS 14. Once the Watch App is running on your iPhone tap on the “My Watch” tab at the bottom and then select the “Blood Oxygen” option.

Step 2: Turn on the “Blood Oxygen” option if it isn’t enabled by default.

Step 3: Once you’ve done that search for the Allow Background Measurement section and turn on the sliders for both –  Sleep Mode and Cinema Mode.

Step 4: Once done, press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch Series 6 to bring up all the installed apps. Tap on the Blood Oxygen app and continue with the process.

Step 5: Once the App is running on your Apple Watch Series 6, press the “Start” button to start the measurement process. To avoid any problems or incorrect results make sure you keep your wrist on a flat surface.

Step 6: Wait for 15 seconds for the process to complete and you will have your results for the blood oxygen level on your screen, Tap on the “Done” button to save readings.

That’s all, folks! You can get a detailed view of your Blood Oxygen Data in the Health App on your iPhone. Were we helpful? Let us know in the comments below and If you liked this guide then make sure you share it using the social media buttons.