Honey Singh’s music is being put to best use! Farmers in Uttarakhand are using it to scare away wild boars

Not kidding. Finally, Honey Singh’s music has come to some serious use and we can’t be happier. Farmers in Nainital, Uttarakhand are using it to scare away wild boars. Whattay win!

The Times of India reported that the government has been forced to declare wild boars as pests and to sanction their culling as they have wrecked a havoc in Uttarakhand’s agricultural fields. Since the beasts are strong, this doesn’t seem to be working. Apparently, the farmers had a brainwave and it seems that it’s working! They have put up loudspeakers that play the latest songs of Yo Yo Honey Singh and other Punjabi singers at full blast and that quite often drive away not just the boars but other wild animals.

Haah! Who’d believe that? Bishan Jantwal (48), a farmer at Dhari village of Nainital district,  has installed loudspeakers around his farmland to protect his potato crop. He said,

I used to hear from elders in the house that wild animals avoid places where there is a human habitat. I thought of playing music to let them know of human presence. And it has worked.

Gradually, this idea was adapted by others in the nearby villages. It was started back in October. Not only does it involve less investment than the practices adopted by the government departments such as playing recorded voices of tiger and other wild animals, but the neighbors who who enjoy the latest numbers all daylong are not complaining either! So we have a win-win situation here.

Here are some details about the whole setup – it includes calculated installation of logs on which loudspeakers are mounted. They are then connected to music systems in houses situated closest to agricultural fields. Jantwal added,

Apart from party songs with high musical notes and loud beats, we also play bhajans which have similar effects over wild boars and other species like jackal, nilgai and others.

Last year, farmers of the region were left bankrupt after wild animals destroyed their crops of potato, tomato and wheat. Various measures, including guarding the fields 24×7, beating tin and aluminum sheets and iron cans aloud to repel the wild failed to curb the menace. Officials from the forest and agriculture departments suggested playing recorded voices of tiger and other wild animals which worked initially, but failed to have any effect on animals later.

Sangram Bisht (38), another farmer from Taadikhet block of the district, said,

The idea is hit across the region and we are grateful to Bishan for sharing it with us. Now we will be able to feed our families at least.

We’re thankful to you, Honey Singh.

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