Legally blind man creates breathtaking GIFs to show how he sees the world

Art has got nothing to do with the physical abilities of the creator and one artist just proved it. George Redhawk, a blind artist creates surreal GIFs to show how he sees the world.

George began to lose his vision while teaching medicine, including phlebotomy. The disability forced him to give up his trade after four years. Suffering from visual distortions created by his mind trying to fill the gaps in his vision, he turned to computer technology to create “The World Through My Eyes” series.

He told Graphic Art News,

Following the loss of most of my vision, I began to explore this medium as a means to express the world through my damaged sight. My art is designed with the idea to challenge and in some cases, disturb the visual sense of ‘order’, very much in the same way that my vision has become a constant challenge to me.

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