10 situational arguments that all couples regularly go through

Being in a relationship is the most confusing thing ever in almost everyone’s life who are in deeply in love. It hurts you at times, but at the same time it also has the capacity to heal that bruised part of your heart. It is a feeling which makes you feel proud, while on certain occasions you feel like, “what am I doing with this jerk?”, but then it’s life and there are sweet and sour moments we share with each other.

Let’s read some of those sweet and sour situations that ultimately lead to a sweet argument, which I am sure, every couple must have gone through. Forgive me if any one of these were a huge fight in your life :)

1. Social media fights

“You liked my friend’s photograph that was uploaded last night, but I had uploaded mine yesterday evening!”

Be prepared with the explanation, buddy  :D


2. Office parties
“Why were you smiling at everyone who you met in the office party tonight? I asked you not to make any expressions.”

Don’t be so insecure, mister!

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3. Shopping

“I asked you not to bargain in the shopping malls. Have you gone crazy?”

In that case, shopping malls don’t exist for you. Forget about it till the end.



4. Dinner

“I cooked delicious food for you tonight. Can’t I just know how awesome was that?”

You can tell her how gross the food was. But maybe, in a lovable way.


5. Hosting

“Why did you invite Mr. Jones’ family for lunch when they were here just to say goodbye? Did you bother to ask me?

Now, be ready to wash the dishes!” You could have at least winked at her. LOL.


6. WhatsApp

“Why am I unable to see your last seen, was that for me? So that I cannot check yours?”

I know you would say, “Do you know how to deactivate WhatsApp?”


7. TV time

“Wow, they are so cute… These lil’ pink shoes, aww. I want them, baby.” “They are gross, only kids wear them. You are fully grown.” “What, what did you say?”

OMG, you shouldn’t have said that, man!

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8. Time management

“You said you would come to pick me up at 6. It’s 7 now. I am not in for today’s plan.” “It’s the traffic, not me, please understand!”

There, it continues and ends God knows when!

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9. Cleanliness

“Hey stop, how could you do that? You just scratched your underarms and are now eating my French fries. You men suck sometimes! Eeew”

I am sure there is no reaction and so it proceeds!


10. Sex

 “Let’s go for oral baby, it has been so long.” “No, not that. Just missionary.” “In that case, I am sleepy today, how about tomorrow?”

I heard it. That was so mean. You could have done both. How’s that? ;)


I know, for some of you this might have triggered a flashback into those happy-sad moments. But as I said, it’s life and who loves monotonous things? Share this with your beau and he/she would just get a smile while reading this. Just try!

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