Here’s why Pop music sounds so bad and repetitive!

Ever wondered why most of the pop songs sound the same? Scientists from Spanish National Research Council found out that the Pop Music is louder and less vary than anytime since 1950’s.

If we want good music we have to demand good music! We all assumed that the bad music as most of us call the pop music has always been force-fed to us. But ‘that’ is not the case as now it is easy to track listeners’ actions through music streaming platforms like, spotify and pandora. So whatever is heard more, is served more! Who can be blamed for bringing bad music to the table?


Researchers study our behaviours on these platforms and predict the next big hit and that’s the reason why all pop music sounds the same. Again, the reason is – agree or not, we all like it that way!

So if you want the industry to give you better music, the trick is simple! – Give good music more listen!

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