8 times Hrithik Roshan inspired us on Twitter!

The Greek God of Indian Cinema, Hrithik Roshan could have gone through a bit of ups and downs in life and career but this fabulously optimistic actor is rare to be found. Hrithik never misses to inspire his fans with his uplifting tweets. Here are a few of them along with a message from the god of good looks himself.

Be Powerful!

hrithik tweet 1

How to live a life!

hrithik tweet  5 contd.

Here’s the complete tweet!

hrithik tweet  5

How to achieve inner peace?

hrithik tweet 2

Between love and fear!

hrithik tweet  6

How to learn not to run after money!

hrithik tweet 3

What’s happiness!

hrithik tweet 4

Respect what you have!

hrithik tweet  7

How to stay positive!

hrithik tweet  8

Victory doesn’t happen in the comfort zone! Defeat defeat!


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