15 amazing emoticons made for introverts to better express themselves and many more to come

Thanks to the world of emoji that it has become so easy to say what we want with a click and express our feelings. While most of us find it easy to talk through the ones that are available, the introverts still find it tough to talk about what they want to say. When Rebecca Evie Lynch’s boyfriend for three years left her saying he needed “more time alone,” she decided to fill relationship gaps by creating introvert-approved emoticons called ‘introji’.

As an introvert, I’ve experienced plenty of moments where I feel I lack of a simple way to express a need for aloneness — or conversely, a need for quiet company — in a way that won’t be misunderstood. On the other hand, I want to be able to express to others that I understood their need for space, while letting them know that I’d be there when they needed me.” 

Rebecca is planning to launch Introji as an app soon but for now she is working on drawing suggestions for it. Here are 15 of her introji created only for the introverted you.

1. Giving you time.giving you time

2. I want time, space and love.

space and love

3. I am charging my energies. 

I am charging

4. I’m in my bubble and can’t get out.

in a bubble

5. No to the invite but thank you.

no to the invite

6.  No speaking unless your words are flowers.

no speaking

7. Together alone.

together alone

8. Complex thinking.

Complex thinking.

9. Need more information.

Need more information.

10. Social anxiety.

social anxiety

11. Giving you space.


12. Needing dog time.needing dog time

13. Feeling flat.

feeling flat

14. Going away.going away

15. I’m in my bubble and I’m OK!

I'm in my bubble and I'm OK!

Though I really want an emoji that could explain my emotions of “please let me be” and “please do not bother me” for I am more of a loner and “please do not go” and “please cuddle me like you cuddle your puppy” because I am a hopeless-needy lover too.

Images Sourced from introji/Facebook