Hankypanty tells why the Taj Mahal is not romantic in this hilarious video

Stand Up Comedian, Sorabh Pant aka, ‘hankypanty‘  tells why the Taj Mahal is not a romantic place nor a symbol of romance in this hilarious video while pulling at the idea of India being a secular country and still not acting like one!

He begins with the ladies!

women love the taj mahal

He shares a fact which only he thinks is a fact!

Shah Jahan was a harami Sorabh Pant

Then he comes to his favourite man, Akbar the great!

Akbar secular in the bed room

And how he helped his women!

Come on baby let me help you find

He also shares that Akbar could have never survived as a secular man in the modern day India!

In the modern generation, Akbar could never have been secular!

What Mayawati would have said to him.

mayawati's comment

sex ka chance nhai dohey

How Sonia Gandhi would have reacted to him being a secular man!

sonia gandhi

Akbar’s reaction to all this drama!

you know what

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