21 things that only people with sweet tooth will understand

To you everything sweet is just lovely! You are known as the biggest sweet lover in your family and friends’ circle. You love this title and you promised yourself to keep the title to you always! Here are 20 sweet things that tell you absolutely have 32 sweet teeth!

1. Every meal is complete and satisfying if it ends with something sweet for you.


2. When you attend a family function, you make sure you eat extra bowls of sweets.

bring the sweets to me


3. It is a crime if someone doesn’t share sweets with you. oh my god


4. You wished, all men were as good as a bottle of Nutella. nutella


5. Sweets are your best support and comfort food.

chewing gum


6. You ask your mother to make halwas, gulab jamuns, kheers or bake cakes at home, almost everyday!

eat one gulab jamunSource

7. There is no limit to how much sweets you can eat. You can go on and nom and nom and nom-nom-nom… just like Katy Perry in her songs.

katy perry eating candySource

8. You go nuts in a sweet shop just like a puppy get after its tail.



9. At one point in your life, your parents thought you will end up marrying one of the sons of the Haldiram Group owners or a local halwai. 

cute eating cupcakeSource

10. Your partner knows how much you love sweets so they know what to order after every date!

belle dessert danceSource

11. Your relatives are the warmest people if they enter your house bringing a box of your favourite mithai.gulab-jamun


12. You have a list of your favourite icecream parlour, icecream hawker, sweet shop, cake shop and cotton candy shop. 


13. Your relationships with your friends become  deeper and stronger if they happen to meet you with a box of sweets, or cupcakes, or cakes, or halwas, etc.

box of cupcakes


14. Your stomach has a separate bigger and better compartment to store all the sweets after a full meal.eating-cake


15. You are aren’t scared of diabetes.

no diabetes


16. You don’t even give a damn about bad teeth or gums.

eating chocolatesSource

17. Your close friends bring you burfi, laddos and gajar halwas from home.

box of sweets

18. You don’t like to share sweets but if you do, you love that person A LOT!

let them eat cakeSource

19. You tried quitting sweets but you realized you can’t.

quitting sweetsSource

20. You choose friends on the basis of their love for sweets.

(Someone like THIS is probably not going to be your friend after an incident similar to the one here!)

i am not a dessert personSource

21. At a sweet shop, you ask the guy to allow you to taste a little bit of this and a little bit of that! You love eating what you can’t and this is the best way to have any sweet you like. The guy can neversay a no.madhuri eating laddoo


If you love sweets as much as I do, go ahead share this post with your friends! Think I missed a few pointers? Shoot them in the comments section and I will be happy to add them to this listicle.

Ciao! :D

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