World’s scariest 590 feet high glass bridge in China costs all your courage to cross it

We think, China is one country that has more glass bottomed bridges and spaces than any other country. Replacing a terrifying wooden bridge is the world’s longest glass-bottomed walkway that connects the two peaks of Stone Buddha Mountain in Siniuzhai Geopark in Hunanh. The 300-meter long bridge that spans the gap between the two cliff has see through glass bottoms that will make your armpits sweat at the sight of it. The glass bridge is 180 meters to the ground below.

worlds-longest-glass-bridge-shiniuzhai-geopark-china-cant walk further

The glass floor is made of double-layered glass that is 24 mm (0.94in), and is reportedly 25 x stronger than regular window glass. The ropes holding the bridge in place are 53 mm in diameter.

worlds-longest-glass-bridge-shiniuzhai-geopark-china-yes a see through bridge

Insane!worlds-longest-glass-bridge-shiniuzhai-geopark-china-how it shone in the sun

Are you scared of heights?


11 workers worked 12 hours every day to bring to the world the most shocking walkway.


If you are brave enough, you could try walking on it.


Too scared to walk on it?

worlds-longest-glass-bridge-shiniuzhai-geopark-china-too scared to walk

What do you think of it?worlds-longest-glass-bridge-shiniuzhai-geopark-china- another shot