12 signs you are broke AF

“Being broke is awesome”, said no one ever!

We know how it feels to be broke all the time. It literally, is a situation when you can say the most loved words from a great song, “nothing left to lose”! :P After spending a few months as a broke ass b*tch, I realized being broke is a really dramatic point in one’s life. It is neither a bliss nor a curse. It is just a really long amount of time where you have nothing to do at all. You are free from taking unnecessary trips to the mall or the grocery shop and even free from buying those extra pairs of socks you bought because you found them cute. All you can do when you are broke is just do nothing at all until it starts to hurt a lot.

You are broke AF if:

1. You don’t bother looking at your account balance because you know it is nil.


2. You dream of treating yourself with a cheese burst pizza one day. 

i am poorSource

3. You have never been to a mall since the last 6 months. 

it is goneSource

4. You pray for a miracle to happen. 


5. Your online shopping cart is filled with clothes you would love to buy ‘one’ day since 6 months.

dont have a futureSource

6. You resort to newspaper when you are out of toilet paper. Because you can’t even afford a roll.


7. You have developed a likeness towards walking. Traveling in public buses is still not free anyway. 


8. You always deny going out with friends. You are saving up money to survive till the end of the month. 


9. Your purse is empty. 

empty purseSource

10. The last time you had a great meal was when you went home for Christmas. 


11. You call all your dates to meet you at work. Thanks to the free coffee vending machine. 


12. You are broke even on your pay day.


Sometimes, life is a bitch! :/