This girl took Coca Cola to court for not keeping its promise of a dinner date with Hrithik

When Hrithik Roshan first arrived in Bollywood, he was quite a name. Girls wanted to see him, meet him and get to know him. The Bollywood actor with intense eyes was a part of a contest rolled out by Coca Cola in 2000 for his movie Kaho Na…Pyaar Hai. The winner of the contest was promised a date with the new star. However, when the then 19-year-old Shikha Monga (contest winner) approached Coca Cola’s office, she was offered Rs. 5 lakh instead of the promised dinner date with Hrithik Roshan by its manager. The company failed to keep its promise and not even replied to her letters.

“Everybody in college, friends and relatives used to ask me about my dinner with Hrithik. I lost my reputation and was labeled a liar.” Shikha told.

Things have changed now, 34, Shikha Monga from Panchkula, Harayana is seeking justice from Chandigarh district court. She has demanded for 2.5 cr as her damage charges.

Civil judge, K.K. Jain has issued notice on Shikha’s application and Coca Cola has demanded more time for filing reply and he case has been adjourned till 24th August.

The judge said, “It is duly proved on record that the applicant is not possessed of sufficient means to pay the court fee and she is indigent” and so, Shikha doesn’t need to pay Rs 2.43 lakh for suit’s fee.

Quite a bad way the company dealt with the situation! Do you think all promotional offers are lies and are just marketing gimmicks of the big brands?  Share your thoughts.