You will not believe what these school kids did for the beggars in their city

Every street in your city has a couple of beggars asking for alms, money, and water. How many times you felt like doing something for them more than handing them a Re. 1 coin? How many times you could relate to their life conditions and empathized with them? Honestly, not many times! Most of us have started to ignore helpless and needy people around us. The truth is everyone deserves better and they do too.

William Wordsworth said, “Child is the father of the man” and he said it rightly! When a few students from Kaligi Ranganathan Montford Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Chennai found a small kid and his sister begging in front of their school, they decided to do something for the beggars in their vicinity. The one man to benefit from the kids’ inspirational plan was Naagar who used to sell vegetables but lost all the money after his freidn cheated him. He had broken his hip while he was working as a painter.

The kids pooled in their pocket money to help 52-year-old Naagar set up his petty shop with a sum of Rs.2500. This is not it, the kids are looking for jobs of sweepers and security personnel for the other beggars. With support from their school headmistress, they met the city mayor with the idea who willingly agreed to offer loans to beggars. Though this amazing story was first published in 2013 however, Sujit Meher decided to share it to remind everyone again that the kids have continued to help the beggars around them.

Worth Sharing!Now we can proudly say, the future of our nation is in a safe hand! Hats off to you kids. :) You inspire…

Posted by Sujit Meher on Sunday, August 9, 2015





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Source: Times of India

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