The 15 wardrobe essentials for him and her!

Girls, your world will crash down if you find your black dress missing. And boys, what if you lose that white shirt? We know that feeling, mate. The list of wardrobe essentials is not too long, but do you have all that you need to survive any wardrobe life and death situation?

You just can’t afford to not have these essential members to build your perfect wardrobe! So boys and girls, here I have a super list of wardrobe essentials you must have in your closet.


1. Blue denim jeans
Every girl needs a pair of well-fitting blue jeans that beautifully reveals her curves at the waist. Be it rugged or washed, you need this gorgeous pair of sexy. Psst! Don’t take too much care of your denims. They are better unwashed, just don’t lose them.

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2. A white shirt
No matter how quickly it gets dirty, you need a white shirt. It is one thing you just can’t miss. Your white shirt will save you day as it will go perfectly with any skirt, jeans or shorts. Wear a gorgeous necklace around your neck and a pair of great pants for work. Voila! You already look hot!

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3. A black dress
Save your date with a black dress. Don’t stick to little any more. It is time you try maxis and gowns or even mid length black dresses.

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4. A pair of cool shorts
You need at least one pair if not many. Save them for your no maintenance days or wear them on weekend shopping with your friends.


5. A gorgeous pair of nude heels or pumps
Add at least one pair of heels in nude to your wardrobe. In them you will rock your work or party wear without a doubt.

nude pumps

6. A dressy top
The trick is to wear your dressy top when your black dress is dirty.


7. A matte lipstick
You need a matte lipstick. PERIOD. Choose a color that suits you the best. Wear it every single time you hit the club. You will thank us for this advice.

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8. A striped tee
A hugging stripped tee is so much fun! Wear it with anything from our list of essentials and you are ready to go.

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9. A pair of good sneakers
They look awesome with those cool shorts you got or even your pair of blue denim jeans. Work them or wear them at the shopping mall. Keep one in your wardrobe, you never know when you will be invited to join your friends for trekking of rock climbing on a weekend.


10. A nice pair of ballerinas
When you don’t want to wear your heels or sneakers, bring your cute ballerinas out. You need them in your wardrobe, trust me.

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11. A leather bag
Get your hands on a nice leather bag in any size that suits your lifestyle. Leather bags are always chic and perfect to keep your daily essentials, from notes.

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12. Sunglasses
Aviators are perfect, however you could go for oversized sunglasses too as they never go out of fashion.


13. An evening clutch
Going for that perfect date, or meeting the girls for dinner? An evening clutch is all you need to store your cards, lipstick and car keys.


15. A pair of single diamond studded earrings
No matter what! A pair of diamond studded earrings will never make you look over or under-dressed. Make sure you have one always in your wardrobe.



1. Solid blue colour jeans
You have one in black? Sorry boys, we never took notice of it. Every boy should have a sexy solid blue jeans that hung over right above your hip. It is basic, yet too sexy.

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2. Sneakers
Boys, it is important you spend on your shoes. Own one and love one.


3. White shirt
There is nothing as hot as a man in crisp white shirt. Buy one and wear it all important events. You will love the attention.


4. Trousers in basic colors
An ill fitted trouser too tight from your hip is a straight no-no. Make sure you get a pair of trousers in Grey (my favorite), Black, Blue and Brown.


5. A handsome watch
The best thing for you is you don’t have to invest in too many accessories. A smart watch will do just enough.


6. Pointed slim shoes
These shoes work best with your formal wear. Keep them shining for a lasting impression.

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7. Black shirt
This is one perfect thing you could wear to a part whenever you are in doubt. Team it up with your jeans or khakis for a great look.


8. A pair of khaki chinos
Chinos are comfortable, both casual and formal and you could wear them with both jeans and shirts. Own one now and thank me later.

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9. White well fitted T-shirt
Own a white T-shirt and team it up with your jeans and jacket for a cool look or just wear your denims for a stylish yet simple look.


10. A suit
It is so essential to have a suit in your wardrobe so you at least have something to wear at a formal meeting.


11. Loafers
Loafers go well with jeans and trousers and are so comfortable that you might end wearing only these to work. But we advise you don’t!


12. A smart casual belt
Keep a smart belt for casual events. Make sure you don’t wear your leather work belt on your jeans.


13. A leather belt
You really need a nice and a suave leather belt to hold your pants at work. Make sure you keep your belt and shoe colors in sync.

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14. Socks in basic colors
Match your socks with your clothes and maintain hygiene!

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15. Wallet
You need a wallet, you are not ashamed to take out.


Don’t thank me too much! Get busy with bringing these new essentials for your wardrobe. :D

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