George Takei writes a heartfelt letter to Ahmed; talks about his own similar experience

We shared the story of Ahmed, earlier this morning – how a kid was mistaken for carrying a bomb to the school where in reality it was just a clock that he made. His teacher thought it was a bomb and it didn’t take long before the story was trending worldwide. Barack Obama, Hillary ClintonMark Zuckerberg and many others spoke to show their support for Ahmed.

To this list, one more name is added – George Takei.  The 78-year old actor, director, author, and activist wrote a letter to Ahmed and shared his own experience which was similar to what happened to Ahmed today. Here’s the letter:

You may have heard the story of Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year old Dallas student who was arrested after bringing a…

Posted by George Takei on Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thanks for writing this, George Takei. Many could take an inspiration from your story.

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