10 situations when Maggi is the ultimate food!

We all have special childhood memories and we bet there won’t be a single person out there who wouldn’t have Maggi in his/her memories. Maggi is that food which doesn’t come with a ‘*conditions apply’ tag. We all simply love to eat Maggi, anywhere, anytime. However, there are certain situations where Maggi is the ultimate food and nothing else can replace it. Scroll down and smile when you connect to all the points mentioned!

1. 2 am in the hostel on the day prior to your exam when you’re up all night studying with those crazy roomies. Though we wonder how much you must have studied actually.

Hostel maggi

2. Your mom is down with fever and it’s your turn to cook for the family. The entire menu comprises of, wait for it, Maggi!

High five



3. When you go to your best friend’s home to give him/her a birthday surprise without actually taking anything along and all you can do is make Maggi! Now this is how a best friend should be like, we must say!


4. When you’re alone home and all you can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper is Maggi. Pretty much sums up the incredible cook in you!

Madhuri Maggi


5. Your younger sibling is hungry and all you can think of is Maggi!

Sibling Maggi


6. The rains! Apparently, without any possible explanation, you simply develop a high craving for Maggi during the rains. It is monsoon already and we’re sure your kitchens have enough Maggi packets already.

Rain maggi


7. You invite your boyfriend over for dinner but let’s just face it, you’re a terrible cook. So you come up with a brilliant idea of making Maggi along with his favorite coffee. Surely, he remembers this as your best date ever!

Maggi Date

8. It’s a Saturday night and your friends come over to watch your favorite movie. It has to be a long, long night and you can do with Maggi along with pop corn and beer!

Friends Hangout


9. You along with your wolf pack have gone for a great camping tour with enough food stock but then when you run out of stuff, you can just make Maggi. On that campfire!

Camping Maggi

10. Lastly, there’s one situation when you absolutely need to have Maggi. This is when your mom makes Karela ki sabzi! Oh, it could be even when she makes kaddu. Or baigan. Damn the list won’t even end.


 Do you have any other situations where you eat Maggi? Do let us know in the comment section below! Also, since you’re a Maggi lover, do share this article with people who love to Maggi!

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