His parents gave up their lives to save their 9-year-old kid in the desert

Tourist father David Steiner, 42, and mother Ornella, 51 sacrificed their lives for their only son while they were on a desert hiking trip in the White Sands National Monument.

9-year-old French boy named, Enzo was found near the dead bodies of his father. Otero county Sheriff Benny House informed “the boy was found dehydrated but responsive near the body of his father in the White Sands National Monument on Tuesday.”

The boy along with his grandmother has flown back home in a small town in Bourgogne near Reims in northeastern France from New Mexico.

Two empty 0.6-litre water bottles were found close to the body.  “The father and mother would take one drink while they made the child take two swallows of water. It might have been why the child fared so well due to his smaller stature, plus he probably consumed more water than they did.” as reported by TOI.

The high temperature at the White Sands National Monument on Tuesday was 101F.

After becoming sick boy’s mother had headed back toward their car. Though, Enzo and his father carried out together. While patrolling, park rangers found his mother’s body. When they checked her camera, the found out she had a man and a kid along with her. That’s when they went on to search for the father and the son.

National Parks spokesman Patrick O’Driscoll, recommends visitors to not to hike when the temperature is above 85 degree F and visitors should carry at least 1 gallon of water each.

The autopsy reports have not revealed the reason for their deaths yet.

News Source: Times Of India

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