This tree-house community in Costa Rica is like a dream come true for nature lovers

The Tree House community of Finca Bellavista is one hell of a destination if you are thinking holiday, Costa Rica and camping! The world is slowly becoming aware of the environmental changes and is making a move towards creating a healthy and safe environment. Finca Bellavista provides it all with a pinch of adventure! Finca Bellavista is  a community of nature loving people who love to get away from their urban lifestyle and to get in touch with their natural rugged side.

The community is brought together to conserve nature. Not just a hippie abode but a place for nature loving adventure freaks.finca bellavista



The nearest town from Finca Bellavista is just 1.5 miles away. It just has a school, a church, a pulperia (grocery store), a bus stop, a few houses and a soccer field.

tree-house-community-in-Costa-Rica finca


It is a place for people to stay in, interact with fellow residents, and grow in the treetop empire of Finca Bellavista.

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Founders of such a beautiful community, Erica and Matt Hogan are committed to making sure the environment and the surroundings of Finca Bellavista are natural and without any noise.



The sustainable tree-house community is spread across 600 acres of dense rain forest.

tree-house-community-in-Costa-Rica finca bellavista


The Tree-house community has a community center, dining hall, bathhouse, campfire ring café, and a Wi-Fi zone amidst the gorgeous green trees.

Finca tree-house-community-in-Costa-Rica

The tough and gorgeous buildings are created keeping in mind the environment. All the buildings have to pass the FBV Environmental Review Board and meet the MINAET requirements and receive a municipal building permit before construction begins

only people who like to permanenetly move can stay in finca

All the members have to follow the community guidelines.

finca bellavista lounge

Water will be taken from rainwater or spring water,  and power will be supplied by a hydroelectric turbine or another approved energy resource. And waste will go through a biodigestor.

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Residents can consume the year-round fruits and vegetables from the community garden.

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The campers can swim in natural ponds, go hiking, enjoy 600 acres of jungle, or zip-line from building to building.

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Finca Bellvista tree-house community is not just for permanent residence, people can come visit the community, stay for a month as a volunteer at just $100 a week, or buy their own piece of land to construct their dream tree house.


finca bellavista rooms

The ones who always dreamt of living like we were always supposed to on the trees will feel blessed to have found a place that looks like heaven.