Forget Dubai, India soon to have the world’s tallest building in Surat

Towering news for all Indians on the New Year’s Eve! Mumbai-based real estate developer, Harihara Mahapatra has reportedly shown curiosity in building a 1.2 km tall tower in diamond city, Surat. He announced that this building will be one of the world’s tallest buildings!

Surat collector, Rajender Kumar shared, “The company is planning to create this iconic structure through new patented technology.”

A Senior government official also reported, “It is an ambitious project that requires clearances from number of agencies like Airport Authority of India and others.” 

Though constructing a huge building requires taking permissions from different authorities and it would take a lot many years to build, it looks like India will soon have its own Burj Khalifa!

An amazing news to arrive on the New Year’s Eve. :D

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