17 things that tell your sister is your best friend

You grew up with them sharing the sweetest, the strangest and the naughtiest memories together! You life is an open book to them. They know everything from your embarrassing moments to your last crush to your first kiss ever! Your sister is one best friend that grew up in your house with you and shared the same room for many years. Here a few more reasons your sister is your best friend.

1. She has kept all your secrets safe till now.

Like, this one!

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2. She saves you from getting into trouble.

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3. She knows how much you love her despite all the fights.

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4. You can be your crazy self with her.


5. She knows what clothes look best on you and you know what looks amazing on her.


6. There is no competition with her.


7. She has lived in all of your childhood memories.

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8. You don’t have to explain things to her. She knows you very well.


9. She gives you the best presents ever!

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10. She encourages you to catch your dreams and make them true. You big support is her.


11. She always reminds you that you are worth much more than what you have settled for.

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12. She has been helping you with keeping up with your homework and projects.



13. She has told lies just to keep you out of problems.


14. She cuddles when you are scared of the demons that come in your dreams.

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15. She keeps the room clean for you even if it is your turn.


16. She has lent her hottest clothes to you for your romantic dates.


17. She will always love you.


Got any other things which tell that your sister is your best friend? Let us know, in the comments section below.

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