27 things only a person friends with a grammar nazi in India will understand

Each one of us has at least one such friend who corrects our grammar, speaks in correct language, and uses original words while chatting and message-ing. All of us are a little too scared of them when we have to argue with them in ‘English’ for they smartly take the entire argument to English and once in a while correct our grammar during the argument. We hate them because we are embarrassed of those errors we make but we love them too.

These poor Grammar Nerds or Grammar Nazis not just go through this, they go through the following 27 unfair things too.

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1. They wonder why people don’t even remember the basic grammar rules! How difficult could it be!

He – has, does

I – have, do

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2. Using chat and SMS language is against their life rules!


3. Their biggest problem are those people who don’t understand the difference between its and it’s!


4. They are those friends who get to do all the writing assignments for their friends. :(


5. They detest people who use ‘like’ and ‘you know’ in their conversations a lot. 

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6. They feel like stabbing/slapping themselves when people say – “Everyone are coming”, “Your ‘hairs’ are looking nice” :/ Hairs!?


7. They look for errors in signboards, menu cards and pamphlets and correct them.

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8. They have developed a habit of doing a check-in on Facebook and adding that erroneous picture to it. 


9. They prefer to choose British spellings because it is the correct language! That’s what the book says. 


10. They are tired of ‘this’ joke!

past present and future


11. They hate such singers too!
Taylor should stitch her grammar… ;)

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12. They don’t know what to do with their friends who don’t know the difference between to and too.
Hang them or not hang them?

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13. 2 past tenses never go together. They are tired of explaining that ‘did’ takes the first form of verb. :(
“I didn’t wanted to eat the cake.” No. You didn’t want to eat the cake. End of discussion.

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14. Whenever they hear someone say, “You listen me…”, they wish they didn’t hear it. 

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15. When the word means become “Maaney” (Hindi word) in sentences, FACEPALM!


16. They hate it when people defend their grammar like this!

i like definately


17. The first rule before dating a girl/guy is their use of correct grammar.


18. They get annoyed with incorrect usage of pauses and commas.
They change the meaning, damn it!

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19. They fail to have good relationships just because their partners weren’t aware of grammar rules.


20. They lose interest in a person the moment they spell grammar as ‘grammer’.
They literally want to crush them that moment .

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21. They fail to understand why people use multiple question marks or exclamation marks!
They often sit down and ask themselves, “If one uses an extra question mark at the end of a question, will it have a greater impact?

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22. They always win an argument by correcting the other person’s grammar.


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23. They immediately lose interest in the speaker the moment he/she makes a grammatical error.


24. They loathe people who do not understand the concept of articles – a, an, the. Also the ones who take the leverage of using ‘lose’, ‘loose’, ‘effect’ and ‘affect’ as per their convenience.

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25. Correcting everyone’s grammar is a part of their nature.

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26. You hate it when they make a typo so they will quickly correct it or come with an apology!


27. They are tired of telling the correct meaning of a few words to people.
Especially words like, reluctant, eager, excited, interested, go up stairs- go down stairs for scroll up and scroll down, etc.


 Are you aware of any other peculiar thing of a grammar nazi? Let us know in the comments section below!

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