Meet the first female pilot in UAE air force who led the bombing strike against ISIS

Major Mariam al-Mansouri, 35, is all set and on her way to making a glory. This iron willed woman is one hell of an inspiration to all the women throughout the world. She is the first woman to fly in the air force of United Arab Emirates. She was the one who led the bombing strike in Syria last weekend.

Female pilot

What makes me look up to this woman is that she is her own motivation and she competes with herself to bring out the best in her. Al-Mansouri had been waiting all her life to get into UAE air force. Until now, women were not allowed for the same. During this time, she trained herself and gained military knowledge with General Command.

Undoubtedly so, this brave deed of her flying in to bomb the much popular anti- woman Islamic State is a big thing for UAE strategists.

Female brave pilot

She gets a lot of attention for dual reasons – her gender and her military role. She claims to not get any special treatment for either of the reasons. She has one very strong message for women who want to join the military: “Be prepared as it is a time and effort-consuming field that requires a great deal of passion.”

We just have one word you, Al-Mansouri – Respect. I wish from the bottom of my heart that we had more brave and courageous women like you! Extremely proud of you!

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