14 things which only night shift employees can understand!

10:00 A.M to 7: P.M may be the mainstream working hours for many, but working exactly the opposite way is a cup of tea for very few. The night shifts employees’ smart looks, branded clothes, accessories and standard of living makes them appealing, but there’s a dark truth that only few are aware of.

Life may be straightforward for those who work in day time but there are so many compromising things a night shift employee has to fight with:

1. You become the #FunSpoiler of every Saturday party because you just dream of hitting the bed.

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2. When your friends and family are off to sleep at 11 P.M, you open your lunch boxes.
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3. You get to enjoy the early morning ozone romance with birds. Exception: Not for the people who are half asleep!

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4. You become a complete night owl as you hardly get to see the bright sun.

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5. When someone calls you in daytime, it’s the worst nightmare you go through.

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6. Every Friday night is a jackpot: weekend bells are clearly audible.

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7. If your partner is working for the same employer who has hired you, it’s a strawberry with cream offer.

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8. On a road to home, there is nobody to disturb you love birds’ privacy.

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9. You become a pro mainly in two things: Work-Sleep-Sleep-Work!

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10. You tend to learn the culture of the other side of the world better than anybody else.

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11. Your skin goes pale and natural smoky eyes (dark circles) give you a vampire look!

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12. If one of the colleague dozed off while working; taking their snaps is the only fun at work. Tag a surprise gift :D

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13. There’s one thing you wish to do; punch a friend’s face who always cries about how tired he/she is, working in day shift.

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14. If your partner works in a day shift, your relationship status is always complicated due to opposite life-style.

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Know anyone working in night hours? Share this article and convey that you understand them. What else are friends for? ;) I am sure they would smile and get a happy tear.

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