Deer photobombed this baby’s first photo-shoot, the pictures look magical

1-month-old baby, Connor was asleep on a stack of hay, surrounded by pumpkins at Sam Houston Jones State Park in Moss Bluff, Louisiana. This was the set up for his first amazing autumn photo-shoot. Maggie, the deer everyone is familiar with and a locale favourite arrived at the spot to photobomb the shoot. The results of her photobombing attempt are dreamy and beautiful. The pictures look like a fairy-tale.

“Maggie was hand-fed as a baby, so she’s very comfortable with people. But I always make sure that we have one hand right near the baby, because she is a wild animal,” Megan Rion, the photographer at Imagine That Photography who took the photos, told Yahoo Parenting.

Maggie the deer-maggie-connor-megan-rion

“We’ve seen her in about five different photo shoots. I didn’t even know she was going to show up at the spot where I like to take pictures at.”

Maggie the deer-photoshoot-maggie-connor-megan-rion-2

“Maggie lives in the woods and is known to show up during photo shoots. She has a reputation for it and parents even request that she come to shoots, but I let them know there’s no guarantee.”

deer-photobombs-baby-photoshoot-maggie-connor-megan-rionMaggie the deer


Maggie the deer-photoshoot-maggie-connor-megan-rion-1

Connor’s mother, Tiffany Gill Rogers, filmed the entire encounter and uploaded it to YouTube on Tuesday. This gorgeous video has 640,610 views.