17 hilarious Gujarati entertainment posters and their honest English translation

Gujarat is generously blessed with showers of appraisals in terms of economy, cuisine, festivals, textiles and the list never ends. But I am sure you all are aware of the saying, “Nobody is Perfect”!

Yes, the same applies to the Gujarati Entertainment sector. They might have great actors and producers, but if you have been noticing the film posters, you would just hold your stomach while laughing heavily!

You might be thinking that I am exaggerating. To prove my take on this, I have managed to gather few of these rib tickling movie/play posters. Since we Gujaratis are people with big hearts, we know how to take a joke on ourselves. Happy laughing, y’all!

1. Honest translation: I gave my heart in the fair of Kaartak. (Kaartak is the name of a month in the Gujarati calender).

Could there be a better place to romance? Nope. 



2Honest translation: Govind Thakor, the rickshaw waala

Apparently, the leading lady here has fallen in love with a rickshaw driver. 



3. Honest translation: Dear, your Radha is staying in a desert.

Why, you may ask though. Go watch the movie to know the answer.



4. Honest translation: My darling swings on the swing of my heart.

If thought of literally, wouldn’t this whole thing be a little awkward? #JustSaying



5.  Honest translation: Girl, check Facebook.

What beats the living hell out of me is why would any sane mortal make a whole movie out of this small text?




6. Honest translation: She gives me missed calls every now and then

Yes, this must be the pain of every guy out there, I’m sure, but taking it to this extent? *slow claps*

11 Source


7.  Honest translation: Girl, minutes are going without you.

Umm whaaa?? If anyone happens to figure out the meaning of the same, do let me know in the comments section below.


8.  Honest translation: Mangudi doesn’t agree

Keeping everything uncanny about the poster aside, what I am thinking right now is what kind of a weird set of parents would keep their daughter’s name ‘Mangudi’?


9.  Honest translation: I’ll be yours from Monday to Friday but I’ll be all mine for Saturday.

Honesty is the best policy. This guy took it too far.

15 Source


10. Honest translation: Chhagan, Magan, your wedding is on the roof.

Are they being asked or informed? 

16 Source


11. Honest translation: I will marry the sister of the cheat (female cheat). 

It goes unsaid, this is my favorite. To begin with, he cannot man up and let go of the girl who cheated on him. Secondly, he’ll marry the girl’s sister. Thirdly, to take the revenge, he must have had at least 1000 other ways but see what he chooses – he plans to get married again, to the sister of the girl who cheated on him. Hence he establishes a whole new situation to get cheated on. Phew. I need to take a 10 months break now.

IMG-20140509-WA0009 Source


12. Honest translation: The wife is affluent and the husband is on the top.

Before any of you unleash the pervert side of your brain, let me tell you, people, this is sheer rhyming words game. What they’re trying to say is that the wife is earning and is well settled, whereas the husband doesn’t give a damn about anything.




13. Honest translation: Tests of love.

I’ll choose to not comment on the title of the film. Rather, I bow down to the graphic designer hired here. 1000 points for that amazing poster, bro.



14. Honest translation: Love’s crazy lover (male) and love’s crazy lover (female)

Portraying your desperation by making a whole film of it and giving it an apt name – Respect, bro. 

gujarati movie



15. Honest translation: Don goes to take a loan

Pardon the bad picture quality. You did notice the intelligent rhyming words these guys used, didn’t you? But just because you came up with 2 random rhyming words, remotely unrelated to each other, you made a film out of it? You’re my new idol now. 

Done lewa gayo loanSource


16. Honest translation: Who are you to me?

Hindi translation: Hum Aapke Hain Kaun…!

Does this ring a bell? Also, am I the only one who is surprised by the flying skills of the leading lady in this poster?

tu maro



17. Honest translation: Love’s tension

Subtext translation: I drank the red colored drink in the tension of love.

Let that guy have some peace, people. Don’t we all have the tension of love? To be or not to be?

premnu tension



But then hey, the Gujarati entertainment is also developing and is on the right track. We have a Gujarati film named “The Good Road”, which was nominated by India for the 2013 Oscars. A few other meaningful Gujarati films which have made us all proud are:


the good road



bey yaarSource








The list of these meaningful films is long, trust me, and I hope it never ends. I can’t thank Bhakti Patel, senior writer at ReshareIt, to contribute so much for this article. Meanwhile, got any other film posters which I have missed out? I’d love to know in the comments section below!