This artist started seeing abstract art after she recovered from her 10 year long sickness

Eugenia Loli was sick for a very long time and was “slowly dying from a number of autoimmune issues” that even doctors couldn’t trace the essence of. The reason to this was gluten. When she recovered, she found herself around abstract art whenever she would close her eyes.

“After a lifelong battle with my health, I finally found it in September of 2011. When that happened, my brain sort of re-wired. Art was what happened next, almost all by itself.”

What happened next was a sudden burst of mind-blowing pop vintage collage artworks! She started working on them in 2011. She would get up with an urge to work on those artworks something she says she never felt in the last 39 years. Here are 20 of her amazing artworks.

1. Every Act of Creation is First an Act of Destruction

Every Act of Creation is First an Act of Destruction
2. Xtreme Sports

Xtreme Sports

3. Bad taste
Bad taste

4. Candy Bomber
Candy Bomber

5. Fablebusters


6. Gem Roast

Gem Roast

7. Gold Digging

Gold Digging

8. High Attitude

High Attitude

9. WormHole


10. I am I

11. Maker


12. Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

13. Other Side

Other Side

14. Rising mountain.rising mountain

15. Spring crop

spring crop

16. Storm in a Cup

Storm in a Cup

17. Stress Test

Stress Test

18. Taste Bud Regrowth

Taste Bud Regrowth

19. Urban Camouflage

Urban Camouflage

20. Weight Loss Wrap

Weight Loss Wrap

You can dig Eugenia’s website and follow her on Instagram too.