16 annoying things people say when your boyfriend is younger than you

When it comes to love, age is just a number but not all understand that! No matter, how much you try and make people understand that your boyfriend’s age doesn’t matter to you and that maturity doesn’t always come with age, you always fail to the ground. Even if you are in a serious relationship with your bae, people will anyway think “you are just having fun”. Here are 12 annoying things people who are dating younger men will get tired of hearing from people around them.

1. He looks like a kid!

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2. Is he mature enough?

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3. Do you understand each other well?


4. Will your parents allow you to marry a boy younger than you?

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5. You look too old for him.


6. So by the time you are 35 he will be just 28! How cool!

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7. Do you help him with studies and college assignments?


8. I don’t think you will be with him the next winter!

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9. You should find someone who is your age. 


10. Does your family know he is younger than you?


11. You both look more like mother and son!

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12. Bring your sugar baby along to the party!


13. Hope, he doesn’t find an old hag like you boring for his age!


14. Can you teach me how to attract younger men?


15. So you taught him how to do IT?


16. He looks like a virgin! You are bloody lucky!


Burn, people. Burn!

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