6 powerful illustrations that show how dangerous victim blaming could be

The only worse thing that can happen to a victim (rape, abuse, bullying – anything) is being blamed for it. One thing is for sure, the victim could be doing anything at the time of the incident, but definitely and most certainly, they were not asking for it.

Katarzyna Babis is an art student in Poland. Babis decided to tackle this issue with simple comics that illustrate the problems with different forms of victim blaming. In an interview with MTV, Babis said,

Lots of my friends experience such situations in their [lives] and I wanted to help them. I wanted to turn my social media popularity into something meaningful. I think it’s really, really important to know you’re not alone with your problem.

You can see more of Babis’ work here:  daportfolio.com | Facebook | Deviantart | Tumblr.

Here are the illustrations:


end victim blaming (1)


end victim blaming (2)


end victim blaming (3)


end victim blaming (4)


end victim blaming (5)


end victim blaming (6)

Think about it!