Mumbaikars talk about Garba; they have absolutely no idea about Navratri!

Unless you’re a Gujarati or a die-hard Garba fan, you wouldn’t know why us Gujjus are crazy for Garba! It is understandable why others won’t get it.

The funny guy Sahil Khattar from BeingIndian went on the streets of Mumbai to know their opinions and thoughts on Garba. It was purely a laughter riot for me, being a Gujju!

Mumbai On Garba And Navratri (1)

So there’s this video where people are doing a selfie Garba. This, according to me, is next level of creepiness.

Mumbai On Garba And Navratri (2)


Mumbai On Garba And Navratri (3)

And, finally, Sahil tried to show us how difficult it is, to walk in any Garba pandal. He also tried some Garba steps – bhangra style!


Here’s the full video. It’s all sorts of hilarity!