Ellen DeGeneres lip syncs ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’; smashes Jimmy on his show

The best place to ever catch your favourite Hollywood celebrities participate in a tough fight in a lip sync battle is The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. With Jimmy Fallon being himself during the competition, the battle can’t be more entertaining. The latest guest on the show was the famous and funny Ellen Degeneres, who readily took the challenge. We all know what a great sport she is.

ellen and jimmy fallon

The man on the judge’s seat this time was none other than the popular singer and actor, Justin Timberlake.

justim timberlakeHe is suchay hottie!

Jimmy decided to first lip sync on the crowd pleaser, ‘Mr. Brightside’ by Killers and nudged his audience to lip sycn along too. 

killers mr brighside

Totally unaware that Ellen is no innocent little girl, his performance fell flat when Ellen performed on 70’s favourite song ‘Do you where you are going’ by Diana Ross. According to her, this is the song before GPS and Google came.

do you know where you are going to

To beat her Jimmy performed on “Watch me” by Silento. Yes, he did not just lip sync, he danced too.

silento watch meAnd we all thought you were getting old. 

That was enough for Ellen to reveal her trump card. The lady performed on the song we all like to sing to people who owe us money and bad debtors who never return. She lip synced “Bitch Better Have My Money” by Rihanna.

rihanna bbhmm

The performance ended with a mic drop. Ellen very knew she smashed it!

mic drop

Watch Jimmy and Ellen battle in the Lip Sync Challenge here.

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