Her parents trolled her by recreating the selfies she took with her boyfriend; results were hilarious

There are parents who know how to do parenting right and then there are some geniuses who know how to take right parenting to a next level. You know you’ve got an awesome set of parents when they manage to troll you and nail it totally!

Meet Emily Musson, a normal young girl who loves to take selfies with her boyfriend and likes to share it on social media. Little did she know that she’s got parents who have an epic sense of humor!

How cute! Here are the selfies her parents took, side by side!

parents trolled daughter (1)

parents trolled daughter (2)

parents trolled daughter (3)

They totally won the Internet by this! Musson told Cosmopolitan.com,

When it went viral I was confused like yeah it’s funny but like it’s more interesting if you actually know my parents. My mom thinks it’s hilarious and claims she wants to be on Dancing with the Stars.

All hail these cool parents!