These elders reacting to Kim’s internet breaking Paper magazine’s cover shoot are epic

It has not been 2 complete months since Kim Kardashian did her break the internet stint for the Paper Magazine and elders have already been made to sit down and react to all her pictures shot for the cover picture shoot.


Some of the elders guessed who that celebrity will be. 

it is not who I think it is


When revealed the celebrity name it looked like, some of them knew Kim too well. 

Who can forget her sec tape with Kanye!?

she did a sex tap


How they market themselves!?

theye are incdredible marketers of themselves


Her part-time-bartender-butt!

she is very well known for her two-ish


Being an opportunity Hog-Hon-whatever!

she is famous for being famous



When asked- “She is a celebrity who gets a lot of people to say has no actual talent or any reason to be famous but is famous anyway!”

They agreed!

I agree


They said it yet again!

That's exactly right, that is why I say she is not a celebrity in the true sense of the word


When told what they are going to be looking at, they cracked a joke!

lucky me


Here are their reactions to her pictures:


Some got stunned!




Some were shocked!

Og my goodness


Some said they liked it!

I like that one


Some made jokes about it.

I am in love


Some rightly said!

drop of a dress


Interesting? Watch the entire video here.


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