Bride calls off her wedding when the groom failed a simple Math sum

Arranged marriages are a simple phenomena in India. Parents get the bride and groom to meet each other and in that one meeting the whole act of staying as man and wife is decided. However, people do tend to hide important things about their family of the groom from bride’s family. A similar sort of  situation happened in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh state on Wednesday.

An Indian bride walked out of her wedding as her groom-to-be failed to solve a simple math problem.

Right before the priest could read the ‘mantras’, the bride asked the groom-to-be a simple math question-

“How much is 15 plus six?” His reply: 17.

This was it! The bride cancelled her plans to get married to the groom. She also said that the family lied about the boy’s education. When the groom’s family tried to persuade her family into marrying the kids, her father refused saying, “The groom’s family kept us in the dark about his poor education. Even a first grader can answer this.”

Another similar incident was reported the last month, when a bride decided to get married to one of the guests. Her groom-to-be fell on the stage due to en epilepsy attack. When she found out that the groom’s parents had tried to hide his medical conditions, she asked one of the guests to step in and marry him. :)

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