[Video] United Kingdom’s Daughters is a fitting reply to India’s Daughter

Disheartened with BBC’s banned documentary, ‘India’s Daughter’ which was based on Nirbhaya’s rape case, an adult and rational youtuber, Harvinder Singh published a twenty-eight and a half minutes long video which he titled as United Kingdom’s Daughters. His objective behind uploading the video is to highlight that rape is the biggest issue in all the countries, and that all rapists have similar takes and thoughts about their victims. We all remember, Mukesh saying that if Nirbhaya would not have fought back, she would have survived. In this video too, the figures of death victims are low because they did not resist rape as much as Indian victims did.

The video includes a rape victim’s journey in the UK and a talk show which speaks about how most people shamelessly kept the rape cases under the carpet and ignored addressing the rising cases. The video also highlights 250 women in the UK are raped daily.