Adorable dogs want you to be their superheroes this Diwali. Can you be one?

Diwali is round the corner and we know how excited you are about the celebration. While you are busy buying clothes, sweets, and crackers, and playing cards, do remember your pet kid and your pet family look forward to the celebrations with you too. They love you, they feel safe in your company and that’s why they want you to be their hero.  The Hippieque decided to bring 11 adorable dogs who have little to say about your Diwali celebrations in the #BeTheirSuperhero campign.

1. Dogs are just like babies. They get scared when the crackers burst, they feel confused with smoke all around them. If you are your petty mommy or daddy, it is your duty to make sure your baby feels safe. 

be their super hero picture 2

2. Ever considered what smoke from bursting crackers feels like when it is forced in the throat and eyes?

be their super hero picture 3

3. Your pooches love you.

be their superhero

4.  No matter what!

I love you

5. It is tough for your dog to feel safe even after Diwali celebrations are over. They stay in the state of shock and trauma for days. 

I wouldnt say

Here’s a happy video of lovely dogs and dog families who participated in the #BeTheirSuperhero campaign.

This Diwali #BeTheirSuperheroHere’s the Diwali post I promised! This Diwali #BeTheirSuperHero <3To see the complete campaign go on NOW!!!

Posted by The Hippieque on Saturday, November 7, 2015