Meet Millie, the cat with an adventurous soul who has traveled far more places than you ever have

If you think you are the real hiker, climber, traveler and all other travel-related words with the suffix ‘er’, than you are probably mistaken! For this purr-y cat has been to more places than you and me, together have traveled to so far.

Tiny first ascents.

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Millie was just 8-weeks-old when her master adopted her and got her home from the shelter.

climb kitty



What made Craig Armstrong bring the little black kitty home? She climbed up onto his shoulders as soon as he got her in a room to meet her.


Craig took Millie for their first climbing trip to Joe’s Valley which went fine.

Onward into the depths.

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She got stuck at a few places but she did climb up till the top of it.

Always looking up. Psyched for weekend.

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Craig started sharing his fabulous pictures with Millie on Instagram and eventually made a website dedicated to her adventurous life.

cat in the desert

cat in the canyons

And guess what? Millie got him more followers than ever!

millie's weekend adventures

Craig goes to a lot of weekend hikes and climbs.

in the canyon

When Millie went along with him and the two started going together for their adventurous endeavours, Craig decided coin a new term for his a cat that climbs, “catting.”


The fearless adventure companions have climbed over Utah’s boulders and through the canyons.

millie jumping

Millie and her master have been to Moe’s valley and other boulders, together

All images taken from Instagram