15 disadvantages of being a completely honest person

It is not easy to be a completely honest person unless you have some sort of a crazy disorder. :P But if you are honest, you know your life is not an easy race. Here are 15 disadvantages of an honest person in India.

1. You find it really difficult to lie! There are times when you should have lied but you didn’t and then you paid for being a really honest person.


2. Even if you do try lying, you always get caught!

i know I liedSource

3. People think you are too honest and so they don’t like you much.

you can't be seriousSource

4. People will start finding you boring because they know your responses already. PRE-DIC-TI-BLEEEE!


5. People can easily predict your actions, reactions and cuss words.


6. People think it is rude to be honest.

I am allergic to bullshitSource

7. Since you can’t sugar-coat your answers, you will be taken as rude.


8. Sometimes you might end up saying what you shouldn’t have. Basically, you are possessed by the spirit of honesty! 


9. Sometimes, you think you could have used a different word.

anyone saying anything differentlySource

10. You face a lot of rejections at work interviews.

appropriate jokeSource

11. People simply don’t like honest people.

cause I am telling the truth that makes me a bitchSource

12. People will consider you less fun to be with.

impression of a hot dogSource

13. Your life has more downs then ups!

you know what sucks everything!Source

14. Sometimes, you come across as desperate too.

let's bangSource

15. You are intelligent, but your responses come across as total shocker!


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