19 important life decisions we all make in shower

It is said that showers are the best to make important life decisions. Why? Maybe the water flowing through our bodies is not only warm, it also removes the stress from our bodies. The feeling or relaxation makes us take some real important decisions for self.

How we actually implement them is a big mystery, but the kind of decisions we take are pretty interesting! Here are the most common ones!

1. To start working out right away
Every. Single. Time. Though I never actually start working out, but I do decide to, most of the times.

work out

2. To stop procrastinating
We all do that and we all decide to stop doing it. It just won’t stop, will it?


3. To sign up for that class
Yes, that one class of your favorite hobby which you’ve always wanted to join. Due to sheer laziness, you never sign up, though.


4. To start reading
Because you know it is one of the most healthiest hobbies you must have.


5. To move on from your failed relationships
It is hard, yes. But what better place than a shower to decide that you want to move on?

move on

6. To get a pet
Those adorable little beings are so cute that you’ve wanted to get one for yourself. The kind of responsibility and care that you’ve to show makes you delay getting one. 


7. To start traveling
Because nothing is more liberating than traveling. You know all the advantages but your busy schedule never lets you do so.


8. To quit your job and start working on your dream
Due to being stuck in the current job, we don’t really do that, but we never stop thinking of starting your thing than doing a job.

dream job

9. To figure out ways to kill KRK
Don’t tell me you never thought of this.


10. To pass the exams this year
Because even the teachers are now bored to see you sitting on the same benches every year!


11. To tell the boss to quit if he won’t stop acting like a bitch!
Most of us go through this but mostly most of us only end up just thinking about it and never doing it!


12. I had a great time last night with her, I am going to do it again.
Yes, don’t hesitate doing that. Go ahead, make that call!


13. To become less uptight to enjoy my life
And give myself more time to live the life.


14. To take a solo tour to Ladakh.
Once, just once. That’s all I ask for!


15. To ask him/her out
If you feel so, go ahead. Waiting is not going to help!

better person

16. To start saving for a foreign tour with friends
Such trips with your gang are the best moments of your life.

road trip

17. To stop junk and start eating healthy
Which you won’t ever, because it is junk food hello!


18. To spend the weekends more productively
Because eat-sleep-play-eat-sleep  ain’t a good routine anymore.


19. To will give up smoking/drinking
This is something to be taken seriously.



What other important life decisions do you make in the shower? Let me know in the comments section below!

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