She was given MDMA, LSD and ‘magic’ mushrooms to ease her pain during her final days. Incredible results!

Yet another incident that proves psychedelics can substantially assist in therapeutic healing. Mind-body educator, Marilyn Howell got her daughter treated with psychedelic drugs during her final painful days of cancer to reduce her pain.

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33 year-old Mara Howell, was dying with cancer. Medicines were of no help to her but Canabis did reduce her pain, temporarily. Mara was subconsciously focusing on the pain because she did not want to focus on the fact that she was going to die soon. Her mother, Marilyn knew that MDMA can be used to help prevent anxiety, depression & PTSD symptoms.

Mara’s nurse assisted Marilyn in finding out a qualified psychiatrist who had worked on MDMA-assisted therapy in McLean Hospital. The psychiatrist gave Mara a guided session on MDMA controlled dosage which incredibly helped in eliminating her pain.

Mara’s nurse said, “He came and did a guided session with Mara with MDMA, and Marilyn did it with her. They reported that she was pain free during that time. I think she died pain free a few days after that.” 

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In her final days of life, Mara was given MDMA, LSD and psilocybin ‘magic’ mushrooms which contributed a lot to ease her pain that she could at least get out of bed to take walks in a nearby park.

Everyone, including her mother, nurse and hospital care-taker stated that Mara was at peace with herself and that she had accepted her death in a deeper  and profound way. Mara did find peaceful and painless death with psychedelic therapy. Do you think psychedelic therapy has a potential to ease pain? What are your thoughts on using psychedelic drugs for medical treatments in India?