Have an asshole in your life or love someone too much? Send them a ‘Bag of edible Dicks’!

So many times we feel like crushing that annoying asshole under our feet. But we can’t, because sadly it is not literally possible. But what is possible now to do is sending them a bag of colourful dicks, anonymously! A brilliant way to get your message across. ;) No more sending texts with 8===D to your EX, the teacher whom you hated in school or that nasty bully or neighbour.

bag of dicks

On the contrary, if you are a needy lover or love your bea too much, you can send them this bag of dicks and have them smiling every time they pop one in their mouth. Yes, the dicks aren’t real.

Dicks By Mail helps sending these dicks (6 oz) at $15 along with a letter you like to send to the person.

The important thing you should know is these are gummy dicks. You can send these until it becomes legal in your city to send the real ones . :P


If you love this idea, share it with your friends who really need to send some bags of dicks. :D