This ‘Desi Thug Life’ video compilation is going to make you die with laughter

When we are able to do something better than the other in a really gangsta sort of cool way in an Indian scenario, it is called Desi Thug Life. A desi thug life beats the rests and is capable of giving everyone a complex. This video by Posteries is going to give you a good laugh as it shows some of the best desi thug life moments of Bollywood starting with

The I-am-dumb moment of Naseeruddin Shah from Jaane Bhi Doh Yaaron

naseer uddin shah from jaane bhi doh yaaron


Wearing a bra under a blanket scene from Queen.

kangana queen


The ultimate kid from ‘Laga raha hai kya’ ad.

la gaya


And many more! Watch this video have a good laugh.