This rescue story of a beautiful, but scared golden retriever tells dogs are just like babies

People reported about a homeless scared golden retriever, Carabella. The rescue group from Hope for Paws tried to find Carabella’s 5 times but could never find her. On the 6th day they finally saw her.

spotted carabella

When the trains crossed her stay-at spot, Carabella would hide herself scared of the noise.



Finding the rescuers around her, she stayed under the motor. The rescuers had to go under the motor to get scared Carabella out.

how they rescued the baby


As the rescuer approached her and tried to get her out, Carabella got so frightened that she covered her eyes like a kid.

covered her eyes like a baby


The rescuer went towards her and caressed her for a while. Once she looked a little less scared, the rescuer pulled Carbella and himself out as he held her front legs.

caressing her


When she was out, she played with the rescuers and went to her new home.



All dogs are just like humans, they get scared, they panic and sometimes they bite to protect themselves but when they know you are a loving person, they love you back. Protect four legged awesome friends around you and I swear, they will do anything to make sure you are healthy and safe.

You must watch Carabella’s rescue story.


Video courtesy- Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel