Thousands of trekkers climb this dangerous mountain in China to just drink a cup of tea!

This is the most scariest adventure trek ever! We almost had our hearts in our mouths when we first read about it and we think, you really need something to hold on to so you don’t get dizzy.  Mt. Hua Shan is located in Shaanxi province, central China, close to the city of Xi’an, of Terra Cotta Warrior. The mountain consists of five peaks. On its southern peak, used to be Taoist temple which was later converted into a Tea House. The Tea House on the peak is only about 7,000 feet above the ground not the highest point ever but, getting their is scary and life-risking.

huashan front

One has to have a great stamina and perfect leg muscles to walk, tip toe and slide through the deadly trails.

the long walk up the straight stairs

The base of the trek is called Heavenly Stairs but they aren’t really “heavenly”. The stairs are steep, and interconnected.

heavenly stairs

After climbing for a while one might just feel that that stair steps are endless! There no pit stops or any places to answer nature’s call.


One has to take golconda ride to get to the southern peak base.

golconda ride hua shan

The steep and straight stairways and the golconda ride are the easiest way up but to get even higher one has to tip toe on makeshift rickety wooden planks joined together by rusty nails and paper clips.


If one has started to walk on them, there is no going back!


For support one can hold the chains and carabiners attached to the mountains with paper clips and Walmart locks.


See this!

huashan plank trek

Don’t look down or be disoriented during the trek. One wrong move and you can risk your life.

dangerous pedestrian track in the world

Next, are toe holes hammered out in the face of the mountains.

toe holes

Once one has made it to the top, comes the saddle path that takes one to the top of the peak to the Tea House.


On top the peak, one reaches the southern temple which is a Tea House.

hua shan top

The location of the Tea House after an incredibly dangerous trek is breathtakingly beautiful. Now you will know why people trek on this trail. It is not just the tea that brings people atop of this peak. Though we really hope the tea is worth tasting after 5 hours of rigorous life dreading trek.

Mt. Huashan

The funny part is no one will tell you to wear safety gears. Many travelers and adventurous trekkers do not trk with gears but is important to wear them to ensure you own safety.

Information source: reddit