Artist who set crocodile free on Bengaluru streets floats colourful boats on dirty water

The artist who had first set a giant crocodile free on a street with potholes brings the authorities attention to another issue in his city: the overflowing drains!

Poor civic infrastructure has lead to the road outside Indian Coffee House on Church Street, Bengaluru look like a pool of filthy mud mixed water. Thanks to the badly taken care of streets in the city and lack of attention.

Artist Baadal Nanjundaswamy who was in the news for installing the giant fiber crocodile art in the middle of Sulthanpalya Main Road in north Bengaluru to get authorities’ attention to a large pothole, now decided to bring the BBMP’s attention on a 2-week-old pool of sewage water on the Church Road.

He decided to float innumerable colourful boats in the mucky water to draw the authorities’ attention.

“Three days ago when I crossed this spot, I noticed sewage mixed with waste flowing right outside hotels and juice shops. I wondered how people could eat in front of that spot, covered with flies. That’s when I decided to decorate the puddle with paper boats,” the artist told The Times Of India.

Sameer, owner of a local paan shop right opposite the location wears a mask to avoid the stench. He told that the drains had been flowing with sewage water for 2 weeks. “The stink of the water was unbearable. It was making me feel sick. I am planning to go the hospital now.”

In a short period, the sight of colourful boats floating in the dirty water received authorities’ attention and the area was cleaned by the BBMP staff. That’s Sameer and the cleaned spot right opposite his stall. artist installs colourful boat art It is such an uplifting attempt to see a simple yet powerful installation of art drawing attention to public issues and going in favour of public’s welfare. Way to go, Baadal!   News Sources: Times of India and The News Minute