This funny DDLJ spoof has a better plot-line and message than the original movie

Though I personally don’t get it why, but Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge remains the most iconic Bollywood film, ever. It is over-rated, I might say, but who cares? People love it anyway!

So one of our favorite YouTube channels, Shudh Desi Endings made its spoof and it is obviously hilarious. The best thing is that their plot-line is better than the movie itself and so is the message they give out.

In the beginning itself, Kajol is kicked out. That’s right, there’s no Kajol in the spoof!

DDLJ spoof (1)

There is a bit of Ranbir, though.

DDLJ spoof (2)

And SRK, obz.

DDLJ spoof (3)

Aaaaaaand my personal favorite, Karan Johar!

DDLJ spoof (4)

Check out the full video here –