#HarMardKaDard: a funny video which explores the pains of every man

Do men cry? If yes, what makes men cry? Or to put it in simpler terms, what is #HarMardKaDard? Often it is believed that ‘mard ko dard nahi hota’. Bullshit. There are some very sensitive issues which can cause any man pain.

BeingIndian gathered some men, who were discussing this simple thing –

Har mard ka dard (2)

But this is so untrue. Some of the men started talking about what bothers them. Have a look –

Har mard ka dard (3)

This is understandably painful.

Har mard ka dard (4)

And the most painful of them, all.

Har mard ka dard (1)

We feel, you guys. There are more of these, though. Men will definitely agree. Watch these men sharing their stories of pain and you’ll probably find yours too, somewhere in here –