37 years old bachelor gets married to find out that the bride is actually a boy!

37 years old bachelor, Balak Ram of village Biharipur, Badaun is the living legend of entertainment and butt of jokes for his town members.

The poor bachelor who thought he was a living doppelganger of the superstar, Jitendra Kapoor, would dress up in white and dance just like jumping Jack for the town members, became popular for all the funny reasons.

Not being able to get married along with his funny demeanor became the real cause of his life’s biggest problem – finding the right bride!

His family counted on the town’s Natak Mandali leader, Hukkam Singh to help find a suitable bride for the ‘still young lad’ for which he charged  Balak Ram’s family a fee of Rs. 50,000. The poor bachelor and his family as directed by the Natak Mandali leader traveled 160 KMS. in Mathura to get their son his much desired bride. Comically, post marriage the young bride refused to talk or unveil her face for more than a week for the eagerly waiting Balak Ram. Balak Ram’s world crashed down when the always inquisitive women in the neighbourhood reported that they had seen a young boy dressed in saari through the bed room’ window.

It turned out that Hukkam Singh was not the perfect match maker; he had fled away with the money that Balak Ram’s naive family had paid him. Ironically, the young bride was no one but one of Hukkam Singh’s Natak Mandali (dance troupe) member of 15 whom he had promised to pay Rs. 10,000 for playing the shy bride’s role.

So now Balak Ram along with the minor, Raj Kumar are waiting for Hukkam Singh’s return so that the evergreen bachelor could get his right bride and Raj Kumar could get back home.

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