10 things you must STOP doing in your relationship right away!

Most Bollywood movies end before the hardest part of life begins, “The Relationship” which usually starts after the first kiss, but wait, movies end at the first kiss. Yes, you found the guy or girl of your dreams, now what? There is not manual to guide you through these rough waters. We cannot tell you what to do in a relationship and how to go about it, this is not a driving lesson but we can sure as hell tell you what not to do:

1. Don’t go the Sherlock way
Stop checking your partner’s phone every now and then, stop sniffing around for information. If you don’t trust the other person, things for you two may already be over.



2. I was, I am and I will be
You may be in a life altering relationship with this fantastic person, but you are still you and you have to maintain that. Don’t stop doing the things you did alone prior to your relationship. Certain things are meant to be done exclusively by you, like driving around the city, sitting in the park and hanging out with your friends. These are the things that make you… YOU!



3. No one wants to date a satellite!
“Where have you been?”, “Where are you going??”, “Call me when you reach there”. Stop hovering over the other person’s head like a satellite, you don’t need to call your partner every hour of every day to ask them if they ate or not. Those questions, even by our family can get annoying. If you really want to know, find a subtler way to ask.


4. Compliments are not complicated
If your guy appreciates some random girl’s dress or hair, don’t go all berserk on him for not liking your dress. A person’s appreciation for another human being is natural, it in no way implies that he hates your hair or dress. Do not complicate things because your man appreciates something beautiful.


5. Games people SHOULD NOT play
It is a relationship, a part of your life which is supposed to give you peace, but if it is a constant power struggle between you and your partner, peace is the last thing you will get. Stop manipulating, be forthcoming.



6. Necessity of personal space
How much ever over rated you feel this is, trust me, everyone needs personal space. One should respect other’s personal space and then only it can be expected in return.

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7. Patience is a virtue
And not impatience, of course. Learn how to be patient with your partner. It is important to understand that everyone is different with different thinking, and so is your partner. If you want him/her to understand something, handle it very patiently. Expect to get the best results then!


8. Don’t compare!
Stop comparing your partner with your friends’ partners; for that matter, even with any of your parents! Like I said earlier, everyone is different. Hence, if you start making comparisons, only expect the worst!



9. Dates are just random numbers!
Yes, stop bothering your partner about apparently important dates. If your partner cannot remember dates, that in no way means that he/she cares about you any less.


10. Don’t get unnecessarily possessive

Yes, expressing your love and understanding your partner is good, but being unnecessarily possessive is not. Being concerned is not bad at all, but you cannot expect a person to act according to your way.


Am I missing out anything that one should stop doing in a relationship? Let me know in the comments section below!

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